With the recent events that have been occurring lately I have took upon myself to write this extensive piece on How to be prepared for an impending Zombie Apocalypse. Now you may be asking yourself, “Are you serious? This could never happen in “real life”. It can and it has. I will go over some of the history briefly with you before I go into detail about how you should prepare.

Here is a list of all of the recorded Zombie attacks and outbreaks throughout history:

60,000 B.C., Katanda, Central Africa
3000 B.C., Hieraconpolis, Egypt
500 B.C., Africa
329 B.C., Afghanistan
212 B.C., China
121 A.D., Fanum Cocidi, Caledonia (Scotland)
140-41 A.D., Thamugadi, Numidia (Algeria)
156 A.D., Castra Regina, Germania (Southern Germany)
177 A.D., Nameless Settlement near Tolosa, Aquitania (SW France)
700 A.D., Frisia, the Netherlands
850 A.D., Unknown Province in Saxony (Northern Germany)
1073 A.D., Jerusalem
1253 A.D., Fiskurhofn, Greenland
1281 A.D., China
1523 A.D., Oaxaca, Mexico
1554 A.D., South America
1579 A.D., Central Pacific
1583 A.D., Siberia
1587 A.D., Roanoke Island, North Carolina
1611 A.D., Edo, Japan
1690 A.D., The Southern Atlantic
1762 A.D., Castries, St. Lucia, The Caribbean
1805 A.D., Central Africa
1807 A.D., Paris, France
1821 A.D., Glavon Island, Gulf of Mexico
1824 A.D., Southern Africa
1839 A.D., East Africa
1848 A.D., Owl Creek Mountains, Wyoming
1852 A.D., Chiapas, Mexico
1867 A.D., The Indian Ocean
1882 A.D., Piedmont, Oregon
1885 A.D., Paris1885 A.D., Paris,france
1888 A.D., Hayward, Washington
1893 A.D., Fort Louis Philippe, French North Africa
1901 A.D., Lu Shan, Formosa
1905 A.D., Tabora, Tanganyika, German East Africa
1911 A.D., Vitre, Louisiana
1913 A.D., Paramaribo, Surinam
1923 A.D., Colombo, Ceylon
1942 A.D., The Central Pacific
1942-45 A.D., Harbin, Japanese Puppet State of Manchukuo (Manchuria)
1943 A.D., French North Africa
1947 A.D., Jarvie, British Columbia
1954 A.D., Than Hoa, French Indochina
1957 A.D., Mombasa, Kenya
1960 A.D., Byelgoransk, Soviet Union
1962 A.D., Unidentified Town, Nevada
1968 A.D., Eastern Laos
1971 A.D., Nong’ona Valley, Rwanda
1975 A.D., Al-marq, Egypt
1979 A.D., Sperry, Alabama
Oct. 1980 A.D., Maricela, Brazil
Dec. 1980 A.D., Juruti, Brazil
1984 A.D., Cabrio, Arizona
1987 A.D., Khotan, China
Dec. 1992 A.D., Joshua Tree National Monument, California
Jan. 1993 A.D., Downtown Los Angeles, California
Feb. 1993 A.D., East Los Angeles, California
Mar. 1994 A.D., San Pedro, California
Apr. 1994 A.D., Santa Monica Bay, California
1996 A.D., The Line of Control, Srinagar, India
1998 A.D., Zabrovst, Siberia
2001 A.D., Sidi-Moussa, Morocco
2002 A.D., St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

You can find this list and other vital information in The Zombie Survival Guide.

For many reasons the government will simply hide the information or brush it off like “There’s nothing to see here folks!” However, ask yourself this. Would you rather be prepared or wait until the government finally admits that something is going on?

To put this more into perspective, maybe it is just you or you have a family or boyfriend/girlfriend and something like this happens:

For those of you who may not know, Yes, Her name is Alice. We all cannot be like Alice, unfortunately. Nevertheless, we can all survive like Alice.

Some may say that if a Zombie Apocalypse were to happen “it wouldn’t be like the movies”. Well of course, it would not. However, if you have watched Zombie horror movies like Resident Evil, 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead then you know some of the rules and regulations for surviving already. You just have to apply them to real life.

Step 1: Make sure you have enough food and water in order to keep your body healthy during this rough time. It will not be the best food but it will do. Some of these foods include canned goods, MRE’s, protein bars, protein drinks, pasta, rice and Distilled water. You get the gist. Sorry, but just Doritos and Cheetos will not do the trick. You will need sustenance.

Step 2: Prepare your strategy of survival. This will include planning your escape plan and routes. Everyone’s will be different so there is no set way to say which is right but use common sense when planning. Do not plan to steal an airliner and think everything is going to be peachy and you will not go scathe less. Remember. You are not just trying to survive the infected but you are also trying to survive the uninfected.

Step 3: My favorite part. Weapons. Get your weapons in order. Decide what you will like to use for your survival. Will you be wielding a baseball bat? Pistol? Twelve Gauge shot gun? Whether you like close combat or you would rather shoot from afar just remember to be realistic with your choice because it could very well be your life altering decision

Step 4: Hygiene. You must take care of your hygiene in order to keep you healthy. Not only should you worry about hygiene but you should also get as many medical supplies as you can. During a time like this, there will be no visits to the doctor.

Step 5: Do not be hesitant when you become face to face with a Zombie. Zombies come in all forms. You must dispose of the Zombie before he decides that he wants to start gnawing on your large intestines and flailing your organs all over the street. In order to kill a zombie properly you must:


Step 6: Do not for a second think that other people will get rid of you just to take your supplies. Trust no one except for the people you plan to make it out alive with. I know, you want to help others. You really do. We all have that nurturing side to us and we would love to help other people we may come across, but you must suppress that feeling. If you don’t you may be putting yourself into a horrible position in which you might not survive.

With these tips you should be prepared to survive the Zombie Apocalypse and protect yourself. If you need any supplies in order for your survival visit the link below to start!